A Mother

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readOct 29, 2022

I couldnt walk by a baby without ……

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As a young child I loved seeing and getting the chance of holding small babies. So sweet, and so cuddly.

Never did I realize in my teenage years, of doing my best to get my technology degree, or buying my new car. I would long to find a man of my dreams. To marry, to be adventurous and travel.

Yet, the dream came true. Yet the story even gets better.

Working in a local grocery store in the town of Paris, Ontario for a family called the Milwards (a beautiful IGA store). I started a great friendship with the meat manager. I was not only the one who became a good friend to him. So did my parents.

My mom and dad were very involved in the hockey assosiation. Also my mom always loved to welcome the newcomers to the town.

In this case, she would come in and chat with him in the deli, had him sign up to coach hockey and join the hockey association to. One year when he forgot his Birthday, my mom appeared with a cake and the whole store sang Happy Birthday to him.

It gets rather interesting from here.

So as time went on a highschool relationship ended for me, I started to date again. During that same period we became friends, went Christmas shopping, skating and just hung out.

One night after a terrible date, I mean the worst. There he was sitting there waiting for me. My mom had invited him for dinner and he waited for me to come home from my date. It turned out to be an awesome evening. We played a game called Sorry, we stayed up and talked for hours.

Several years of dating, travelling and doing lots of things together, he popped the question. I said yes and we married in a year.

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Heres To New Beginnings

It took us a bit of time but we found ourselves a home. A real fixer upper. As my cousin Laurie Beth would call it “the money pit”. If you ever watched the movie you would totally understand.

After working together and fixing it up, it finally became our home.

It wasnt long and we both really wanted to have a family.

Our dream came true, our son was born first and two years later our daughter.

Holding the two of them for the first time, was a moment I will never in my lifetime forget. I had all those emotions, will I be a good mom? Will I know what to do?

Well I did my best. Sure I made mistakes, I always will. Just the fact of bringing a new life into the world was the best feeling anyone could ever have.

To see my husbands face, to be called mommy and daddy. Wow what a wonderful accomplishment.

The joys of all the first, first words,first step and celebrations to. Watching them grow into amazing adults.

Yet the world isnt the way I had truly hoped it would be for them. True real struggles.

Yet as there mom, I will always be here for them, love them and listen. Most importantly I will always hope for the best.

Mom, is the most magical word that I have ever heard.

I only wished it had been their first word.

Enjoy every day with your child.

For the time goes by and its wild.

One minute you are holding them close to your heart.

Next they are growing , even moving far apart.

Just remember one thing, you gave them life to live and enjoy. To teach them new things but most of all to love them forever, no matter what.

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