Concept of Technology -Verses Years Ago

Cathy Deslippe
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I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s, years of gathering at the park. No one needed to call to find us; you just looked on the front lawn and saw our bikes. We had a wonderful neighbour named “Bill”-he could whistle like no one I have ever known, and that whistle gathered us all up to be home on time.


I am not here to put down technology. I went to school for one of the first IBM computers on the market. Wow, that was fun.

A job that took hours was cut down to a few hours.

When I completed Computer College, I worked for a large company. Looking back, I felt terrible for those who had worked there for years. They didn’t want any part of a computer. They were afraid of them.

All for a good reason.

The computers did take the jobs away, and several retired early.

After using the computers, other companies did as well, and our business was booming.

Computers showed a significant boost in marketing. More marketing meant more customers.


Looking back, that was a lot to absorb, not just for my education but for the future of many.

Now smartphones, smart televisions, smart watches, and so much more. Communication is gone.

Texting is the way many only know how to communicate. Going into a restaurant is interesting; they order the meal before arriving. They sit across from someone, eat and text when they get up to leave. They might say something to the other person, “great meal.”

No judgment but speculation, Watching children in the mall, trying to get their parent’s attention, can be frustrating. The child is asking, and the parent says I will only be a minute and be done. I always did my best to put my children first, but it is sad to see those days leave us too.

You can tell I am a lot older than many, but I have seen both. I have learned both. It’s great to have the skills to learn new and different things. After all, this article I have written would have been in cursive writing.

Yet, in closing, I loved being a cashier in our local grocery store while growing up. I had my regulars come through. Great seeing people packing up their groceries; I even had someone take the groceries to the car.

So this is where I am struggling; I am so tired when I am done shopping. When I get to the cash register and have to ring myself through, I only wish they could give me my pay for doing such a great job,

Yesterday’s memories bring us love and cheer.

Today’s memories, new techniques, and hopes are without fear.

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I have even had a robot bring my food to the table.

I will talk more about that in my next story. After reading this I would love to hear your views on it. Has technology made life great for you? Has it changed you? What are your views?

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