Have you read the top stories in the Media? Every day they have a new story about the Royal Family. Now the vaccines and COVID. Who do we believe?

Cathy Deslippe
4 min readMay 14, 2021


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Next to writing my greatest thing to do is researching what interests the majority of the social media. Lately thou, my head is spinning.

Growing up in a small town, our small little newspaper was amazing, most of all it was truthful. We never had to doubt, ask around to find out if someone heard this or that. Most of all we did not have to rely on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The headlines in the local paper said everything we needed to hear and more. Even thou there were several that still gossiped and tried to add things.

I took a great interest growing up watching the Royal Family, remember Canada was still and are to this day grateful to our queen and family.

Prince Charles married Lady Diana, I admit I was glued to the television. I bought every book I could find. After all Lady Diana was the same age as I ,such a beautiful real princess. When the wedding day came along I can still see myself ironing away, tears running down my face as I watched them marry.

The fairy tale continued as when they had their sons, our children were very much close and age. I had admired Lady Diana and Prince Charles so much. I even got to the point that I had my hair done like her, several dresses much like hers.

The one thing that I admired about her most, was how does a woman, a teacher move into a large castle and become the Princes wife. So many big changes.

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The tabloids continued, every time we heard about the couple it was something different. As it continues today. The Royal family may have a movie, but can we trust it, is it true. There is no exit to what can be written and what should not. The impact ways high on the individuals that are being written about and the impact it ways on their loved ones.

You as the reader can make the decision to continue reading it, or ignoring it. Yet if they did write the truth, how would we ever know.

In conclusion for the Royals, my research tells me the Queen is suffering with grief, she has done a great job. A woman, a leader who has done the best she could over the years and I am proud of her. As she continues to do the best she can every day. As for the family, I hope they all stay well and happy.

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Now this is something that really hits each and everyone of us. Who do we believe, what can we believe and what can we do to make a difference.

Social distance, mask on in public, wash your hands and only go out if you really need to.

I researched the first vaccine. I can remember the mumps vaccine when I was growing up and it took 4 years before it came out. At that time it was the fasted vaccine to ever come out. The COVID vaccine was out in 8 months, my question is and still is, how safe is it?

I have talked to several doctors, nurses and other hospital employees. They are not allowed to share with anyone the numbers of people who had the vaccine twice ,come down with COVID, To say the least that includes doctors and nurses in the hospital.

“We have to push to have everyone vaccinated right away” Yet last night in our own Country, they stopped the use of the first vaccine. I personally knew the side effect was clots, I have a history of clots, why would I want something in my body to make things even worse.

The numbers of deaths might or might not be correct. Where is the list of how many survived with the vaccine or without? What are the side effects long term from the vaccines. I am all about research and that is why I had to share this.

You do not even have to believe me, yet when its loved ones you know and I have seen them suffer, from a distance. Are we to be quiet?

The stress from the pandemic only gets worse from the media, from this article I just wrote. I did not write it to scare you, I wrote it because I feel we need to learn more, is Medical Research in the labs still working hard on what is good verses what we should not be doing. What can they do for the variants?

I personally think our airports need to be shut down air tight until we get a real handle on what is happening. I know I do not want to see anyone suffer, especially you.

I research, I write and observe. If you have any information you wish to share, feel free to contact me. I always listen.

For now, I have my research in front of me and sending out letters. Stay safe, stay well. Most of all we will get through this one way or another.

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