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Cathy Deslippe
3 min readJun 17, 2022

Choose When It Comes To Stories Of The Royal Family?

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I can remember as far back as a child, sitting with my grandmother and watching the “Royal Family” on the television. I listened to hear my grandma speak of how beautiful Queen Elizabeth looked.

My recollection of “The Royal Family”, was of honor and respect. There was only words of kindness spoke to us.

The excitement of the arrival of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip to our home town. Seeing them on the back of the train was so exciting.

Now “The Media”

Wow, recently I watched the beautiful 70th Queen’s Jubilee, it was so beautiful. Queen Elizabeth looked so beautiful on the balcony, even when the family stood together and watched the planes from above.

Then the media, yes all the negativity that spun out of control. Honestly a little boy, who was so young and having fun. Prince Louis, like every little boy was having so much fun. He looked like he was having the time of his life on the balcony with his great-grandma. It was wonderful to see them engage.

The concert, well I do not know about you, as for me that is a long time to sit. I think he did a great job. He may have entertained and got a little frustrated but he was not hurting anything. Just a normal sweet little boy.

Wonderful parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate are doing a fantastic job raising their children, cheers to them.

Never mind the media.

Then Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (in my eyes a princess) arrive, wow talk about being under a microscope. Every little comment since they went to the the Queen’s 70th Jubilee has been negative. Why?

Bravo to such an amazing couple. They did not seem to mind where they were sitting. They came in honor of the Queen but most of all in honor of Prince Harry’s grandmother. The one who helped raise him after what happened to his mother (Princess Diana-Princess Of Wales). Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not want the spotlight, they only wanted to share in a beautiful moment of Queen Elizabeth’s Life.

Another media disaster, causing a terrible car crash. They were so busy taking photos when the focus should have been on getting Princess Diana to a hospital-fast. (they even knew her last words- wow).

I honestly loved Princess Diana, the same age as I. Watching her beautiful wedding, to the wonderful times of sharing the birth of her sons. Now that was what you wanted to see in the media.

I love to write, I enjoy the ability to share my thoughts. Yet when it comes to the Royal family, which I have learned to admire (even from Canada). There is a time and place for everything.

Another example is, why is there not more press on what happens after Prince Andrew settled in the case with Epstein and Maxwell case?

Young innocent girls?

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I would love to see what charges are laid. We seen and heard more about Johnny Depp and his life than what the final verdict was in the trial. Or was their a trial?

Who chooses, who decides what readers want to hear? What stories are real and not real?

I have sat and spoke with people who live in England, there outlook on the Royal’s life was shocking. They actually complained of how costly they were, right down to the price of the clothing they wore, to the cost of the policing.

Wow, what has happened to our world.

I will always honor and respect Queen Elizabeth, I will always have my own thoughts. I will not always believe that every story written in the media is true.

When something is not right- share an article, with real true honest facts. When something wonderful is happening share it to, who doesn’t love to enjoy life through stories of the heart.

Write real life stories. I would love to read them or see them.

How do you feel about this? How about other famous people too?

Fact not Fiction



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