I Allowed You To

You may never quite understand what I want to share with you. You might honestly say this is so silly. Yet in fact it is hard cold facts and often one that we all need to learn.

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It takes time to truly understand how we are all so different ,and function in different ways. We think differently, we look at life in a different way. Yet there is one thing that we all do. That one thing is allowing others to get in our heads.

You might say that does not happen to me, yet you would be surprised to know. It happens to everyone.

It can start very young in life, but the learning how to cope with it takes time and also learning to understand.


We all assume things in life and that goes for everyone. Then there is the assumption of one person tells the story, another over hears the story and when it is finally told. The story is not even near the truth.

The awkward and hardest thing to deal with is when the truth is not right and how it can hurt someone very badly.

That is why I wanted to share this information with everyone. How we have the right, the ownership of who is in control of ourselves. We have the right to be responsible for how we see things in life and how we wish to live life.

When someone has overheard (which just happened to me recently), an individual speak of you in a negative matter. Often it lowers your self esteem and can cause you to have a lot of anxieties.

Often in many different situations the individual who has been hurt, finds it difficult to go places or be near others. Being alone and away from those we fear.

Lets Take Charge

I used myself in the example above as this is what I did when I overheard the individual speak of me in a negative way. I turned around and said hello. I took ownership that I was not the person they were talking about by being me and being confident.

It was not easy and it has taken time to get here. Also having a wonderful Life Coach teach me tools on how to cope, was the best thing I could do for myself.

I truly recommend if you are struggling, to reach out and have someone to share these awkward moments or many other things that go on in your life.

Now when I think back to that moment, I always thought of that person as a beautiful well natured women. It rather shocked me to hear her speak this way of me. I would not allow her to have that opportunity, so I took control of the conversation , asking her where did you hear that about me. Than followed up with the truth. My truth, my life .

Giving yourself the ownership of letting others get into your head, or how you assume others think of you, is very unhealthy and can make you very ill. Only you have the right to be responsible of how you think of yourself.

Walk with confidence and remember your number one.

Allowing yourself permission to accept you ,for being you.

Allowing others and their assumptions control you and make you feel negative, is not allowed.

You have the power, the strength and the courage to be proud of yourself no matter what others say or think.

Love yourself.

Photo by Mor Shani on Unsplash



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Cathy Deslippe

Cathy Deslippe

Cathy became an author at the age of 7. She has a passion of writing all genres. Loves to travel, take photography, crafts and learning new things.