I Once Wrote To Cope

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readJul 10, 2022


Now I Write To Bring Others Hope

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As I was about to turn in tonight, I thought back to the days of how I found a way to cope. Cope from a serious traumatic event that happened. I was so very young.

Hidden away in my bedroom, I would write inside a little diary. Printing very neatly events of what had happened, hidden secrets I was never to tell, “or else”.

Scary when you are only seven, yet what was worse having to hide it or something very dangerous would happen to me and/or my family.(on a good note the individual involved was caught and never came around again)

With all that writing. I worked even harder in school. I eveno wrote a story about an Owl and was published. I felt like a grown up signing my autographs, while selling my books at a local Art Gallery.

To think from trauma, I found something I loved more than anything. Writing and most of all poetry.

To this very day I write daily in a journal, my goals for the day, a few suggestions that I might want to do. Often my very own hand written quote.I even have a blog on the internet.

My goal as I have been getting older is “Aging With Knowledge”, it is very important to learn something new every day. Even if it is really something small.

So today I gained knowledge from a new hair stylist, rather young and the first young gentlemen to do my hair in a long time. He showed me three ways to wear my hair with one hair cut. I could see that cutting hair was an art for him and never before had I seen anyone show so much creativity in cutting hair.

I gained a new hair stylists and confidence-it was all in the brush after washing it and wow the styles look great. Better yet, I can do it.

It doesnt sound like much but if you have ever seen me fight with a hair straightener .that is rather scary.

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Hope is so important to have in your life, especially when you feel you cannot keep going in the direction you are going. Help is always there, finding the write people to talk to and most of all. “Finding ways to truly cope.”

Walks. music, coloring and even writing. There are so many things that can take your mind away from the things that are discouraging you or making you feel like life is hopeless.

Life itself is the most beautiful gift of all. Maybe I realize that more now that I am getting older but I have been so blessed in so many ways, You can to.

Goals are so important, making them happen is even more exciting.

Your goals dont even have to be expensive or big. A simple picnic in a park with your family. A wonderful bubble bath, dont forget that soothing music.

Relax, Enjoy and most of all be happy.



Cathy Deslippe

Cathy became an author at the age of 7. She has a passion of writing all genres. Loves to travel, take photography, crafts and learning new things.