It Took Me 60 Some Years To Realize

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readApr 9, 2022

Life Only Gets Better

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For every year I turn another year older, the fear of how much life will there be. Yet as the number changes, in my heart and in my mind I only begin to feel free. To embrace life, to look forward to the good times I am about to embrace. Makes age a number, not stuck in some terrible place.

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As I look back at my grandparents (which only seems like yesterday). I saw them struggle to do things. Things that were once so easy for them to do, now they struggle, yet they kept on going. The motivation and abilities they had was the key to helping me as I have been fearing age.

Opportunities are always waiting, learning new things at any age is always fun. Also the ability to enjoy being with others and joining groups, where possibly others have common interests as you do, and a chance to make new friends.

Time is so prescious, making sure to use the time in ways that you feel that you have accomplished something important to you daily. For example today was my day to accomplish making Easter Cards, getting mail ready to be delivered and finishing up some loose ends on a book I am waiting to publish.

The key to age is to eat healthy, embrace those you love ,but most importantantly, value yourself. “Yes you, the things you like most about yourself.” Or that you like to do for yourself.

That first coffee in the morning, a walk in the park. Also how about getting your hair done.

Numerous things are right there in front of you, now its your turn to seek what makes you happy.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, one who I love so much every day. A car ride and a coffee in the car, makes us happy. Just sitting in the car listening to some good tunes and enjoying each others company.

No Matter What Life Brings

We hav encountered serious things in our lives, from a motor vehicle accident, to serious health issues to even loosing loved ones.

The ability to go forward from these things, to grow and learn from what happened, was our way of changing our lives to making them different yet better for both of us.

Communication is key, the ability to listen to each other. To compromise but most all to be as patient as you can be. Not everyone looks at things in life in the same way.

Recently I listened to a You-Tube story told by Robin Williams. Such an amazing and wonderful comedian who brought us all so much laughter. He spoke on how his inspiration came to him in life, and how he had wished it had come sooner. That in time he had so much inspiration from what he had learned to what he had accomplished in life.

After listening to him, I totally understand. Life has inspiration that can come to us in many different ways. Its when you look back and see how the inspiration came to you, or who the inspiration came from. The whole concept of what he was saying was to never stop looking for it. Never stop inspiring others.

As for myself, inspiration comes to me by so many people. Most of all by many articles I read, or ideas I find in the strangest places. So always keep a notepad beside you and write things down to give you ideas of what the next adventure just might be.

As for myself and my husband and joining a senior travelling app, looks like our next adventure will be either east or west of our country.

I love these apps that make life so much fun, also all the activities they have to offer.

So what will your next adventure be, or do you have things to share with others? I would love to hear from you.



Cathy Deslippe

Cathy became an author at the age of 7. She has a passion of writing all genres. Loves to travel, take photography, crafts and learning new things.