Legacy: What Will It Be

Life ,the journey of many adventures, many stories and memories. As my very distant relative- Emily Carr who was well known to many in Canada, for her famous art. I to wish to leave my name, as an author, a sketch artist but most of all as someone who succeeded in?

Photo by Jay-Pee Peña on Unsplash

The opportunity of making new traditions and having them carried on, is the most powerful legacy of them all. As I have seen since the time Emily was alive to this very day. We have several artists in our family, my son and daughter both have this amazing skill.

The sketching, a new talent I started during the first lockdown of COVID, has been the closest I have ever gotten to become an artist.

Gradually I have hopes to take the sketching to the next level, of water colors, bringing my sketching to life.

Although there are traditions, I have been told many are born with talents. A talent much like a gene, inherited from one generation to another.

What Types Of Legacies Are There?

The biggest legacy is that of a money value. To leave a legacy for your children or loved ones. An estate such as a home you purchased from hard work over the years. Another may be a collection of coins, something of great wealth to help them to remember you by, also giving them a chance to live comfortably without any debts.

Sadly as we see our adult children struggle, many not even able to purchase a home, especially where we live. Worst is the rent, barely able to pay the rent and food, the thought of savings account is not something you hear much of.

Parents, people are already doing there best to have a legacy given to them while they are alive, due to these issues. Its a constant struggle all the way around.

As we soon approach the time of retirement, we have both decided to do our best to keep on working. Our medical bills alone wont be covered, therefore the extra income is needed to cover it.

In Canada alone, as of today the most expensive place to live is British Columbia, Toronto and just down the highway from where I live, Hamilton. Even more expensive than New York city.

Even with the lockdown, people not even working. We are seeing more and more people living on the streets, tents or where ever they can go to have a roof over their heads. I ask myself as I have read this today.

After looking at this, the legacy is to do my best. To be there now for my family and keep up my hobbies and joys. With the hopes of a great book that sells or becomes the next top seller.

Traditions to me are wonderful legacies, baking in the kitchen and making your grandmas shortbread, your moms fruitcake or even sewing and coming up with styles, that may sell like hotcakes.

You may not know this but right now, you already are a legacy. You have lived through so many things. You have accomplished more than even your children ever could. Teach them good coping skills and manners.

A world full of hate, selfishness and uncaring, needs our age group to keep up the good work and do our best to teach them and teach them now.

My legacy will be? Left inside my will, for only those I love to know.

Think long and hard, what would you like to leave your loved ones, or the world?

I would love to hear all about it.

My thoughts towards the future, take one day at a time and be happy.

Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash



Cathy became an author at the age of 7. She has a passion of writing all genres. Loves to travel, take photography, crafts and learning new things.

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Cathy Deslippe

Cathy became an author at the age of 7. She has a passion of writing all genres. Loves to travel, take photography, crafts and learning new things.