Lets Pay It Forward

Cathy Deslippe
4 min readJan 24, 2022


Or Find A Way To Make Someones Day Special

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Wow, my sister and I several weeks ago decided to go through a Tim Hortons drive through for our lunch. It was rather a good size lunch and we were paying more than we usually do. To our surprise when we pulled up to the window the cashier surprised us with :”Your Order Has Been Paid For”

We pulled over because I think we were both shocked. Wow that was a bigger order, more then two coffees. We were so pleased to see that acts of kindness still exists.

Yet there is so much more. I was really sick, and a very special friend (much like a sister checked in on me) sent me a beautiful bowl of soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Wow she touched my heart in more ways than you could ever imagine, it was one of my moms and my favorites. Just sitting there and thinking about my mom and I eating it only a few years back, brought back so many wonderful memories and tasted fantastic.

When we loose hope, feel alone or discouraged just remind yourself there still is acts of kindness in the world. There are still good people in the world that care about you.

And no matter how much money you have or do not have, there are people that appreciate things like having their snow shoveled, a phone call to check in on them or to see if there is anything you can do for them.

Kindness is more than you think it is. Kindness brings hope to many. Those who live alone appreciate you more than you know. Having someone say hi, can brighten their day.

How about when you make a big meal and you have leftovers, have you ever taken the leftovers to someone.

Little gestures can go a long way.

Even in the summer months cutting the grass, watering the flowers for someone.

My list could go on and on. I was blessed to live in a house where there was always acts of kindness. My parents always had the door open for everyone to know they were always welcomed.

When my dad coached hockey and someone didnt have a ride, or possibly hockey equipment, dad would give them a ride and find a way to get the equipment.

My mom was always doing favors for others, from perms in the kitchen to sewing and heming clothes for others,even trimmed finger nails and toe nails for the elderly.

The home that you are raised in helps develope the skills of understanding what kindness means especially when you receive it and you are taught how to give it.

Many children given things today do not understand how to appreciate it as much as my generation did. (as I tell my grandchildren, I am so old).

No matter what we received we were so grateful. Even when it came to food.

My mom knew how to make a meal last a few days and for that we were so blessed. Paychecks were a lot less but so was housing, food and our taxes were no where near what they are today.

So if you have a lot of money and you live comfortably stop and really think about those who do not have much. Drop off a cup of coffee to someone living on the streets, how about one of your old coats, a blanket. You may have just saved a life.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

In my closing paragraphs I want to share something with you.

Are you aware of how much healthier you will be and feel if you do one act of kindness every couple of weeks.

Only one, it can be something so simple. You can sit and listen to someone who needs to have someone listen to them, even when you do not know them.

You can carry garbage to the curb especially for seniors as long as you do not hurt their feelings. At times seniors like to be indepentent and we do not want to take that away from them.

Visit people in the hospital, knit or crochet hats and scarfs for those who live on the streets. Also remind yourself not all of them are there because of drugs or alcohol (even these people need hope to heal). The cost of rent is so high in our city at this time that they have no place to go. The waiting list alone is so big that even to get into a place will take forever.

So share your acts of kindness to me. I am looking so forward to hear what you have done for others or someone. Or is there something you would like help with, let us know.

Drop me a message and maybe we can spread the word to others on other ways we can do things for each other.

After all with everything going on in the world, we always need hope.

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