“Listen To The Taxi Driver”

Cathy Deslippe
4 min readMay 14, 2022


Who needs therapy when a taxi driver has lumped up life in a nutshell?

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When you think of a taxi driver, they hear all, see all everyday from one pick up to the other.

Yesterday as I was trying to get a few very important things, the mall was busy and it seemed like everyone was in such a rush.

I seen less and less of acts of kindness, I seen pushing and shoving. Honestly as I purchased what I needed, I kept asking myself what on earth has happened to this world?

I worked years in the mall, I had customers that became like family to me. My co-workers were like my sisters and still are.

The word “too fast” came to mind. Why rush life when you can stop and enjoy it? Like an old saying “stop and smell the roses”.

The Delightfull Taxi Driver

Waiting on the bench for my taxi to arrive, I watched as the world was spinning out of control. Cars rushing to get a spot to park, cutting off other cars that were there first.

Parents on their cell phones, headsets too, and the children were trying to get their attention. “My thought was why? Time goes by way to fast and your children should always come first.”

After making my observations ,I finally got into the taxi. A young man named Brad was my taxi driver. He was so kind and even put my parcels in the trunk for me.

We were ready to drive away, when all of a sudden a car at a high speed just come flying by and almost hit the car.

Brad asked me if I was alright. I was ,but a little shaken.


Brad started to tell me why the world was going fast, he continued with. “If you have a moment.”

The world is moving fast because of the cost of living. There is no time to sit and relax. We have bills to pay, if the gas goes up any higher I will be picking you up with a horse and buggy.

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The cost of living, especially purchasing a house or even rent, has hit sky rocket.

Looking at our phones have become a way to work.

Working from home, going to work and focusing on survival is the only way people will make ends meat.

Everyone is going mad, to be honest they have no choice.

Change needs to happen and it needs to happen now.

Ways to cope better, cut the cost of living is key.

An example can start with groceries, make meals that you can make another meal from. Sharing with otheers is so important especially if your family is in need. “One mans junk, is another mans treasure.”

Look at our city downtown, an example of how sad it is. We have way to many that are homeless. Hardly no shelters but the city is doing the best they can.

In closing, before I left. Brad thanked me for listening. He said we need more kindness and love in the world.

Be careful and spread the joy the best you can.

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Brad Was So Right.

Although Brad sees this everyday, I myself needed to hear it.

I am getting older and I recall days of my mom and dad having large gardens, with lots of vegetables and fruits. I remember a picnic in the park was so much fun. Hand me downs were awesome.

We found a way to survive, although as the economy is out of control. How do we survive and get ahead?

Will our children ever know what it is like to own a home?

Will our children be able to slow down and even enjoy life?

I hope so because at the rate life is to complicated, there will be even more homeless.

Speed will cause more accidents, like our bridge in our city that keeps getting fixed and falling down.

If you have any ideas of ways to cope, to survive, I would love to hear from you.

Lets get together and help each other.



Cathy Deslippe

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