Looking Back “2022”

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readDec 10, 2022

Knowledge, Hope, Strength

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I know; why look back? Why reflect on all the things that happened instead of looking forward to a beautiful future?

Well, I often do this just before Christmas and New Year. Reflecting on what “2022” has taught me or what I have learned.

In January, I made a list of things I had hoped to do over the year. I am happy about the things I have done, but now I will be adding a whole lot more for the new year to come.

We are never ready to say goodbye to those we love and care for. Losing my parents was tough, but my sister, my mentor, has thrown me a curve ball,

My sister was and always will be the most caring person I have ever known. Even before she passed away, she gave me things to do. We would talk, and she would say this person has a big birthday and remind me when our niece has a baby; I would love to make sure she gets something extraordinary (meaningful).

So the one beautiful thing I walk away from this year is how beautiful the gift of life is. Making time for each other is so important. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I once was told that yesterday was a blessing, today is a gift, and tomorrow has not come yet. Make today the best day ever.

I know 2022 has genuinely taught me that when I wake up, I am so grateful. When I get out and am around others, I love it and have the time of my life.

I also love taking on new hobbies, creating, learning and being adventurous. Jumping in the car and getting a coffee, driving to who knows where can lead you to some pretty amazing places. Make sure to get out of the car and enjoy. Bring your phone along to take photos to share with others.

We need to bring our family and friends together more. Either through social media or having others over for dinner. My mom was always doing that. How did we ever get away from it.?

Keep the old traditions but make new ones too. This year while baking, I have been pulling out old family recipes and trying them. Wow, amazing. Yet while doing that, I have started researching new ones and trying them. Now I am creating a new recipe book for years to come.

Just like the scrapbook, yesterday’s photos are memories to carry in your heart; Today’s photos are for now and for future years to come.

The year “2022” has given me the gift of hope. Where we live, we have a group on Facebook. I started a year ago, and it is wonderful. Waking up to someone saying hello, to people in the community wanting to help those who are less fortunate.

The idea of doing something for others (especially children) is the greatest gift of all, and it doesn’t even have to be much. A bag of groceries, a small toy.

Meeting people, learning new things, growing from your weakness but always being grateful,

Although it’s not New Year’s yet. I will enjoy every day I wake up, and I will celebrate even in the smallest way. Not rushing, so life goes by fast.

Breathe, relax. Most of all, embrace.

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Cathy Deslippe

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