“Mom,” Please Don’t Assume

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readNov 26, 2022


Communication Is Key

I have really tried hard to communicate with you. I only wish for this time to work hard in school. Be with my friends, and have fun. I am even working and saving. “Mom,” I am trying to do the best I can.

Mom, can you hear me? I am not out on the street doing drugs, drinking or hanging with the wrong people. No, mom. I am actually someone you can trust me. (mom is texting on her phone)

I know you find it hard to imagine in this day in life, but I wish you could understand I am not like the majority of teenagers out there. I am not perfect; there is no such thing as perfect. You taught me that well. I am doing the best I can.

“MOM,” can you hear me?

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When I was growing up, I looked up to you. I hoped one day I, too. Would go to college. I would meet someone special to love me. I loved it when we snuggled and talked and talked.

Mom, why did this crazy world have to change so much? Why have you had to go through so much? I am still here. I want to communicate, not over a text or in a letter. No, mom, I want what we once had. Time for each other to truly talk (no yelling), just a simple conversation.

I, too, get caught up on the phone texting all the time. Then when I put it down, wow, mom, there is a whole beautiful world out there. A beautiful world if you really want to look hard to find it. Honestly, it isn’t all bad.

The people you told me didn’t care; they are the ones who care the most; I am learning as I go. I am learning that, mom, you are a very hard-working woman who only wants the best. In this cruel world where it’s hard to pay rent, buy groceries, and even enough for something special, it is hard.

I am sorry for your struggles. You do work hard. Time is precious, one minute, ten minutes. To sit down and truly communicate, “Let’s Talk.”

Dear Mom’s/Dad’s

I am writing to you today. I once parented two amazing young children. Due to hard times and struggles, my children had to undergo some very difficult times.

I honestly, at this point in my life, could never even imagine them having the wonderful life they deserved. When mom/dad becomes ill (whether physical/or mental), it weighs heavily on the children.

The fears of the unknown, or just simply not seeing a parent for a long time.

Even with treatments from doctors, having councillors to talk to. It doesn’t always help the individual or the child heal.

The wounds can stay there for a lifetime.

I am writing this to you today as I have seen what this can do.

From the bottom of my heart, always listen. Listen to yourself but most of all to your children.

Life is so precious; you have to give from your heart, no matter what the circumstances are. Even if your youth or young child is struggling, it isn’t the time to turn your back on them. If you are ill, it’s time to reach out and get the help you need. Then you can be there for yourself but most of all for your children.

Running isn’t an option. Living is a blessing. Embracing what is truly wonderful. “Family”

Believe in yourself; communication is key.

Yours truly,

A parent that wishes they only could turn back the clock. (even if this helps one person, I will truly be so happy)

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