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Cathy Deslippe
3 min readAug 19, 2022

A Conversation Can Go All Wrong

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I actually decided this picture is the way a conversation of today should have went. Two grown adults talking about things very calmly and allowing each other to share their opinion.

Well that didnt happen, I wish I could take back a few things I said as I can be honest. it has made me rather heart broken. Worse yet the text sent back to me was even more heart breaking than anything in my life.

The reason why, I have really cared about this person for a long time, common interests, met at a place where I go to create. I thought this is a good friend and I hope she knows if there is anything that I could do for her, she can count on me.

That didnt happen. Due to miscommunication, on both our parts. We are now not having any type of relationship, I have been blocked and there is no chance in reconciling.

ONE Word, that was it. A word that could have been used in many different sentences that would have been more positive but in this case, it was how the individual interpreted it.

I bet you wonder why I am even writing this.

I can see how by texting instead of communicating face to face can cause serious damage to many. Especially many relationships.

I personally would never go on a dating site, imagine if one word made a person think of you in a really wrong way. Well that is what happened to me.

The terms used back to me hurt, I am no better than anyone. I do my best to be kind and I feel being misunderstood is hurtful. Especially in a situation of what I thought was a friendship for quite some time.

Apparently not, but from this I will be very careful with words when I text. I remember the first time I text I thought LOL was lots of love. My granddaughter asked me, why I was laughing at everything, well I do not caring around a notepad telling me what these short forms mean. Maybe I need to.

They say as we are getting older our short forms totally change, An example would be that of FYI- yes that mean For Your Indigestion.

Communication is key, working it out if possible is so important. Right now I do not know what to do. I really feel bad, mind you I am double her age and well life is too short so maybe its time to move forward.

Possibly this old girl can just apologize and walk away.

What do you think? I would love to hear from you and how you feel about talking face to face, over the phone or through a text.

Do you feel that texting or messaging can really ruin a great relationship?

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