Stand At Ease

Cathy Deslippe
4 min readFeb 11, 2022


The Reality Is Real

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I often think back to when I went to grade school and how we started our day with singing God Save Our Gracious Queen, O Canada and our :Lords Prayer.

We sang about our country Canada, our home and nation free. Now as I have been reading different articles on social media, and newspapers.

I honestly see how freely it is for those who write or those who speak, to do what they wish. Fact or Fiction.

Freedom to me met equalty. Freedom of speech is still very important but is it still okay to not agree with someone, is it okay to agree with someone and most of all what actions should take place when no one gets along.

In other words, how is one to cope when you have no idea what is real and not real anymore.

The last article I wrote was regarding the ability to sit quiet and listen. To be honest I have listened, I have read and I have observed.

I agree to our freedom of choice. I agree our bodies are our bodies to take care of. I agree that if one person feels differently than I do, that is okay.

What I do not agree on is all of the hate and anger that has developed in our world. How you can even see it in people that you held high respect for.

When I was listening to the news tonight they spoke of bringing military into Ottawa to stop what is going on there. Than I just read an article regarding many veterans who have served our country, wearing many awards wanting to come to Ottawa to help the truckers.

I have read, do not believe what the media is sharing, even I use to be a reporter but now I have changed my ways of thinking.

Well shake my head.

I am open minded individual. I love to research and read often, at the same time will we ever find true findings regarding everything that is happening.

This is an example I find dear to my heart,

COVID verses cancer, verses any heart diseases, verses undiagnosed illness due to the pandemic itself and lack of care from doctors.

For quite some time we were not able to see our doctors, only speak on the phone. Which I am very happy to say I have been given the outmost wonderful care. For several especially when it came to cancer, not knowing they had it, was not the same. Now that is scary.

Scary, yes we are all living in a world of scary. Of so much fear, worse than ever.

The same country of the home and nation free.

Free, now that word alone does not even exist. Look at the cost of gas. Then the cost of rent especially where we live. Rent in the city I live is so bad that we have a very high increase of people living on the streets. Homeless, some with mental illness but not all.

Some just could not keep paying their bills, some lost their jobs from COVID lockdowns. A neighbour in our community had to sell her parents home, she had three jobs that all closed down never to reopen and for the longest time had no income coming in.

Taking up dog walking to daycare, she did her best.

Now to find a place she can afford is another sad story.

Well. I called this Stand At Ease because in a few couple of weeks I find myself wondering what freedom even means anymore. I will have the freedom to be who I hope to be, a kind and caring person.

I hope to have the freedom to make good choices in life without one using force, fear or wrong judgement.

I hope that we can agree to disagree or agree ,and I would love to hear from you. Those readers or writers who are as frustrated as I am.

I wish to freely walk the land I was born and raised on and feel equal. I feel the need to share my feelings and views with you. Freedom was once a choice, so tonight I felt enlighted to freely write my feelings and share with you.

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