The COVID Walk

Cathy Deslippe
3 min readJan 22, 2022


Yes It Is Real Thing And There Are Ways To Make It Improve

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I Bet Your Scratching Your Head

When I heard these words, after returning for a chest xray, a negative COVID test a while ago. I was told that the recovery from COVID can be at least six months.

No way was I going to feel like this, no taste, no energy and feeling weak. The doctor said it is the COVID walk, you walk away from all of the symptons from fevers, wheezing, coughing and so much more to still being on steriods to keeping your airway open. In my case prednizone and puffers. (on puffers but prednizone is stopped)

The prednizone and puffers were amazing to open up my airways, it was really heard to breathe. But the side effects (which I am so grateful to my guardian angel for helping me understand) left me thinking.

My angel is amazing, I feel so blessed. She guided me in a direction of eating lots of broths, vegetables, fruit and most of all getting up and moving around and rest when needed. It may sound so simple to some but after a long journey of having the ability to breathe, fevers and a whole lot more. I was listening.

The Angel took upon themselves to look up all of the information from the Mayo Clinic on line, especially the side effects from the steriods. Wow she was right to have done this for me.

From the puffiness to my face and body, to my energy gone and a list of so much more, I have a very special person who was ready to guide me back to health and for starters just learning these things brings me so much hope.

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The Hope That Soon

This journey has been going on right from the moment I got the injection. I never felt the same. It did not do much for me, I have had COVID and I have had the variant. I barely go anywhere in yet I have truly been really sick.

Yet there are so many more that are or were sicker than I was, my prayers go out to them. Please do not loose hope and research as much as you can on how to heal in a positive direction.

Today Was The Beginning

My Angel expressed her concerns about me, some might have gotten angry. I felt so blessed to have someone tell me exactly the truth. To care that much about me and help me.

Today was the beginning, truly. The rest of my life is going to be even better.

I am doing everything I can in my power to improve my diet, my health and most of all be even more happier than ever.

Our diets are important with or without COVID, eating healthy staying positive can help you live a wonderful life. Possibly a longer and fun life.

When you put your feet on the floor in the morning, know in your heart that is one very special blessing. Being alive and living it to the fullest is amazing.

With guidance and love I am on the beginning of the journey of being healthy and feeling happier than I have in a long time.

So many are quick to judge one who cares about you.

In my case I didnt know where to turn or what to do.

From the moment she said ,I have researched and lets give it a try.

I dont even have to ask why.

Thank you xoxo



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