What Do Parents Wish For

Cathy Deslippe
2 min readNov 23, 2022


It’s True

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As we all know, having a baby is the most rewarding gift of them all. It is true what they say, we wish sometimes they came with directions.

Recently my husband and I have been going over our past and thinking about how time has truly passed. We often talk about how we wish we could have done things differently. We are not saying that we don’t love and adore our grown adult children. We wished we could have changed what awaits ahead.

Every family and I mean every single one, does not have the “Perfect Family”, yet often many through social media would think that certain people do.

We all struggle, some more than others. Yet we hope with every struggle we can grow and still be a loving family.

Yet some struggle with feelings, hard to allow themselves to feel. Hard to allow themselves to have the courage to say what it is that they truly would like in life.

As for parents, all we ever want for our family is lots of love, confidence and most of all that they can enjoy life to the fullest.

Although the struggles are hard, especially in today’s economy.

The struggles of paying rent, and having enough money to pay bills. Seeing them struggle with their own families. It hurts them but as parents, it hurts us even more. We can only do what we can as we soon retire.

Sadly, will we see our families even buy a house? If that is what they so wish to do. Will we ever see our families be able to take their families on trips? Worst of all, will their cupboards be filled with food and their refrigerators too?

I know, a lot of people would say, stop worrying about it they are grown and can do this on their own. That is true, but can they when the world is turned upside down?

As for now, I just want to say we are two very proud parents. We love our adult children and our grandchildren too. We only hope life gets better for them and for other families too.

If we had to do it all over again, savings for them would have been the key. We did our best, we still try to do it.

What needs to be done, is the key.

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